2014 (Special issue : Teaching and learning foreign languages)

Issued: 03 / 2016
Publisher: Faculty of Arts Press
ISSN: 2336-6702
128 pages
The Language Education Policy Profile of the Council of Europe — the example of Austria
(Rudolf de Cillia), p. 7-17
Specific language contact phenomena in the Habsburg Empire and their possible utilization for teaching Czech as a foreign language in Austria
(Stefan Michael Newerkla), p. 18-38
Combining formal and non-formal foreign language learning: first insights into a German-Spanish experiment at university level
(Eva Vetter), p. 39-50
Separated multilingualism? The experience of students’ multilingualism in minority language education in Brittany (France)
(Patrick Karl Osterkorn), p. 51-64
How advanced is advanced when it comes to speaking?
(Tomáš Gráf), p. 65-77
Grammatik und Dynamik — Dynamik in der Grammatik
(Elizabeta Jenko, Michaela Liaunigg), p. 78-90
Česká státní maturitní zkouška — hodnocení produktivních dovedností v rámci zkoušky z cizího jazyka
(Eva Píšová), p. 91-107
French Language Teaching within the Czech Education System 1870–1930: school System, Official Teaching Methods and Textbooks
(Alena Prošková), p. 108-124
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