SALi presumes that contributions offered for publication were not already published or offered for publication elsewhere.

The manuscript of the contribution has to include an abstract 1200-1500 characters in length and an alphabetical list of about 5 key words, both in English and in the language of the contribution.

Length limits for contributions to the individual sections:

  • Studies: up to 63,000 characters including whitespaces (i.e. 35 standard pages)
  • Reviews: up to 18,000 characters (10 standard pages)
  • Horizons: up to 12,600 characters (7 standard pages)
  • Interview: without character limit

Contributions should be submitted by e-mail to the address

When sending your contribution, please include your affiliation (or another contact address) and your e-mail.

Formatting guidelines:
  • the text should be sent in a MS Word-compatible format, font size 12, line spacing 1.5, both margins at least 2.5 wide
  • pages should be numbered
  • use italics for emphasis
  • do not use boldface, except for headings
  • shorter quotes should be put in double quotation marks; longer quotes should be placed in a separate paragraph, preceded and followed by a blank line
  • language examples should be numbered, with numbers in round brackets; all examples should be translated to English
  • use footnotes, rather than endnotes
  • a list of bibliography should be given at the end of the contribution; it should contain only items cited or referenced in the text; in-text bibliography items as well as the list of references; The bibliography must conform to the citations norm APA.


Please consult the full version of manuscript submission guidelines here.


Illustrative Examples of Standard License Agreements: 

​Czech Version
​English Version
​License agreement, license granted free of charge
  lic_nezam_bezupl_v10_CZ.docx lic_nezam_bezupl_v10_EN.docx
​​License agreement, license granted in exchange for a license fee
lic_nezam_upl_v10_CZ.docx lic_nezam_upl_v10_EN.docx

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