About Journal

The journal is a continuation of Čeština doma a ve světě (The Czech Language at Home and Abroad) published during 1993–2008; it began to appear under its new title in 2010, focusing on selected aspects of applied linguistics, the interdisciplinary field of language description and related methodological issues. In addition to specialized articles, the journal also contains portraits of significant personalities in the world of linguistics, translations or re-prints of basic and inspirational works in the development of relevant areas of linguistics, reviews of specialized publications and the latest news in the field, relating mainly to the Central European region. The contributions are published in Czech, Slovak or English; a scientific board of leading domestic and foreign experts, governs the journal.

Since 2015 SALi is an Open Access journal with online content freely available to the readers under the CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 licence.

ISSN (Print)  1804-3240

ISSN (On-line)  2336-6702

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